Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Settling In

We picked up a ipod for him at a pawn shop* the other day. It is an older 2-gig Nano, not exactly top of the market, but I wanted him to have something teenager-y. I also didn't want to make a big deal about it, so I gave it to Brian to give him. Brian reports that he said, "Holy cr*p! I've never had anything this expensive. It's so cool!" Given the price I paid he may be wrong about that, but that's okay.

Tomorrow I take him to his official "interview" at the agency where he will meet the staff and then sign the papers saying he really wants to be part of the program. Then I take him to the bike shop where the agency has an account for his bike. Probably tomorrow they will just figure out what size he should have. We will have to pick it up another day. We also have to buy a laundry basket, a lockbox, and paint for the trim in his room. The paint I think will have to wait for another day. He also got a call from someone looking for Frankie so we will have his cell number changed too.**

Yes, we are spoiling him rotten. I will have to make clear to him that these things (except the cell phone) are his to keep no matter what.

I went down to his room a bit ago just to check on him. He has been moving the furniture to suit him, making the space his own. The main objective was to create wall space across from his bed where he can tack up a decorative blanket his dad gave him. He is definitely nesting.

*It is a new, large, almost-attractive pawn shop. There is no denying that you can get incredible deals there and the electroncs come with a 30-day guarantee. Still, I find myself wondering if people were just getting rid of things they no longer want, or was did they sell in order to buy groceries. It is difficult not to feel just a bit like a vulture there.

**I don't have current information about Frankie to give the person who called and in any case Gary shouldn't have to deal with that.


  1. So now he is there, and I'm sure you'll have all sorts of interesting things to blog.

  2. Ah the luxury of having one's own room. I spent my entire life sharing a room with my brother. I remember the first space that was all mine. It was almost magical to be able to arrange the furniture and place things a certain way without anyone complaining.

    Sounds like some nesting to me. How interesting that you're making him a quilt and he treasures a blanket from his Dad. Something in common?


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