Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The re-licensing visit is not tomorrow

which is, of course, when I thought it would be.

The family developer has known us a long time though, so I wasn't too embarrassed about the quilting mess all over the living room AND dining room. Fortunately the bathroom and kitchen were reasonably clean. All the boys coped with us going into their rooms and checking their smoke detectors while they pulled blankets over their heads.


We also spent some time talking about Frankie. She was as disappointed as I to hear he had been photo-listed. They are thinking about taking him back and placing him with a family that does intensive care. We told her what sort of care he needed. She will make sure the other family is fully informed. I hope that they are able and willing. We spoke also about the school problem. Ug. I don't want to think about it anymore.

In any case, we are relicensed for another year -- based upon the promise that we will put new batteries in the smoke detectors downstairs, add yet another upstairs, and Roland really will sign up for first aid and CPR.

We will, and she trusts us.


  1. A suprise visit would freak me out. Seems like you survived yours. Sorry about Frankie, I just don't think blowing through more placements is in his best interest.

  2. Ugh. Surprise visit. I wouldn't worry about the quilting mess, though. I think social workers are always more happy to see our homes and our lives as they truly are -- not tidied up for their viewing pleasure.

    For both of my home studies I scoured my home so thoroughly. It was ridiculous. I got more relaxed during the monthly home visits for Slugger, though.


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