Monday, June 16, 2008

Football Summer Training

Someone asked about the football schedule. I learned that the teams (Varsity and JV) are expected to go to the high school every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all summer long. The coaches anticipate that each kid will likely miss a week or two for some other activity, but whenever they are in town, they are supposed to be there. During the bulk of the summer when they never have the full team they are doing conditioning -- lifting weights and such.

For those of you who want to know.

Poor Gary forgot which direction the school was in when he rode his bike there this morning. He went the wrong way, turned around and went the right way, but gave up too soon (the first landmark he was looking for was 13 blocks away), went back the wrong way, and then tried again the right way. Poor kid. He had a work out before he even got there.

Oh...Andrew had his interview for the grocery store. The interview person seemed impressed. Andrew told him that he was heading off to college in the middle of September and he didn't seem to think that would be a problem. He said he had to talk to the night manager and then he would call back in a couple of days.

Now I need to start on Andrew's quilt top.

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  1. And what really sucks is when the place KNOWS they are the only place in town... for some reason in most cases it seems that gives them a reason to charge 180% above what the normal rates would be....


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