Friday, June 06, 2008

Football Camp

So the Kinship Care Support Worker called last night as she promised to give us the name of the head football coach, and the location of a meeting he was supposed to be at this morning. That meeting turned out to be the end of the school meeting for every friggin teacher, administrator and support person in the district (I know, 'cause Roland was there). HOWEVER, the football team was go to Roland school today, as they did yesterday, to help move everything from the classrooms into the auditorium so that the building could be renovated this summer.

So, Roland picked Gary up after the meeting and took him to his school. They chased asked one of the 80 some football players to point out the coach, and Gary made his pitch.

Gary is to go to football camp at the high school Monday morning at 8:00am.

Have I mentioned that I have never watched an entire football game in my whole life?

Now I know that each team is supposed to get the ball to the other end of the field, and that you can carry it across the line or kick it between those big posts, but not kick it over the line -- right? Is it worth more points to do it one way rather than another?


  1. LOL! Good luck learning the MANY in's and out's of football! It's wonderful once you know what's going on and very addictive! This should be fun! (a touchdown is worth more points than a field goal)!

  2. That is great! I am a big fan of having kids be busy and sports are good for that. Plus tired boys are happier boys.
    You will figure it out. The best advice is yell like crazy when Gary has the ball. Can't go wrong there!

  3. Don't ask me about football. I never missed a game in high school and couldn't even tell you if we won. It was all about the socializing.

    Sounds like it would be good for him and I second that tired boys are happy boys. It works at least for toddlers.

  4. just popping in to say "hi" and glad things are working out (been moving and cleaning and scraping off wall paper...ugh!). I went to one football game, stood up and cheered when I saw a touch down and then noticed EVERYONE on the bleachers staring at me. I was cheering for the wrong team. Next time I just took my book!LOL


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