Sunday, November 04, 2007

THREE nights in a row

I slept again last night and I even used a less powerful sleep aide. Next step is to attempt to slowly reduce the dosage.

I did dream. I dreamed that the agency called us to take another youth. Except she (yes, a female) turned out to be 25. She had a young son whom she had placed with the agency, and she was going to live with me while she got her stuff together and got her son back. Oh! and her abusive husband had just gone to jail. Interestingly, this is the sort of thing that I had argued should be possible -- although in my imagination the mothers and young children would be kept together. I guess even my dreaming mind couldn't make me live with a three-year-old boy.

I expect to have some fun blogging news in a few hours.

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  1. There are programs like that here. Our youngest was in "family" placement with bio mom. Unfortunately, she didn't make good choices and he was placed with us (we already had two of his siblings).

    I don't know how successful the programs are, but to me they sure seem like a good step before separating families.


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