Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Name for Hubby

So I started calling my husband "Hubby" here, though I never really liked it. I felt uncomfortable giving him a name. I don't know why I can give a blog name for anyone else, but not him. It seems especially odd when I am quoting something, like when one of the kids say, "Will you ask Hubby for me?" I mean, that just sounds wrong.

Yondalla is a D&D goddess of the Halflings. She's all about goodness and protection. I've considered using this picture of her for my avatar but I don't know if I could get into trouble for copyright infringement. Andrew suggested the name for me when I was looking for one.* There really didn't seem to be a really good name in the D&D world for Hubby though. "Mr. Yondalla" is pretty silly and gives an impression of our relationship that I would rather not create.

Jo calls her husband "The Bald Man." Another blogger I read recently called her husband "The Carnivore." I can't think of anything appropriate. "The Teacher" would probably be confusing since there are other teachers that get mentioned.

So then I had an idea. What if I asked him?

I did. He said, "How about 'Roland'?"

Um...okay. I don't think the name really fits, but I asked and he answered.

So... Roland it is. I hope I can get used to it.

I know Yondalla is, as goddess of the halflings quite short. Though I have had to explain this to other women my height, I am of AVERAGE height. Almost exactly. I am not short. I may be shorter than everyone I work with and now the shortest person in my family (Brian at 13 1/2 just past me). I however am not myself short. Got that? Okay then. (And as long as we are on the subject, my hair is going silver. It is not grey.)


  1. Hi Yondalla,

    I’m usually a lurker here and in FosteA& E blog (or “danielle’s” blog as I call it) I’m sorry to bother you but I wanted to make sure they were doing ok… or as ok as someone in their position might be. Please send them all my good wishes.

    Couldn’t figure a way to get my email to work, so had to post it here.


  2. You have very pretty silver hair.

    And, having met "the hub" I'm not sure that I would say "Roland" is so very far off.

  3. I always say that I am quite tall for my height. And I'm not fat, but cushy. I'll have to start using the silver line too now as it becomes more and more evident.


  4. Is there anything wrong with being short? What are you trying to say about us short people anyhow? That we somehow don't "measure" up to the rest of you? huh?? JK, but you knew that. I am short and proud of it. Say hi to Roland for me.

  5. I thought I was tall untill all the kids shot past me! I'll try really hard to remember that this hair of mine is going silver, it does sound so much better. My mothers is pure white and beautiful. Sadly, I missed that gene!

  6. My daughter was doing a school assignment recently and wrote "My mom is [lots of complimentary adjectives] and TALL." I was quite surprised to see that one, as I'm only 5'6" and she's already past my shoulder!

  7. I've always felt calling my partner Hubby was odd too. I didn't chose it but there just never seemed to be a name to fit him more.

    My 12yo nephew is now wearing a longer inseam than I do. He is almost wearing my shoe size too and if you knew how big my shoes are that would be scary. LOL When did they all grow so much?


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