Tuesday, November 27, 2007

News for Frankie

I'm sending Frankie a note and I would like to find an interesting short news article to send along. It really needs to be short -- a couple of paragraphs -- and it would be good if there was a picture. I've found a bunch of magazine/news sites for kids that would be perfect, except the articles are not printer friendly. I'd like something science-y if possible.

I'm also interested in sending him some sort of easy puzzle -- like a decoding puzzle.

Anybody know of a web site where I could print something off?


  1. The National Geographic website for kids has some great things -- varying ages and interests.


  2. Have to run to a meting so didn't check this one out but check out http://www.cybersleuth-kids.com/vocabulary/planet_DE.htm

    So..how about those full feeds? :)


  3. http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/

  4. Thank you all...you sent me to some good places and I got this week's note off.

    Feel free to give my any else you see. Non-reading puzzles are good too. I'm trying to send one activity page and one news page with each letter.


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