Thursday, November 29, 2007

Note FROM Frankie

One of the things I gave Guy from the residential center was a self-addressed stamped postcard -- one of the kinds with no picture so one side is just for writing. Today, that card arrived in the mail:

How are you doing? are you fine, I know I am. everything is going fine, I miss all of you. to day my caseworkr talked about maby me visiting you. thanks for the card.
Frankie :)

It is good to hear from him.


  1. Well, it's not exactly newsy, but it must have been comforting to hear from him.

  2. He does sound fine, doesn't he?

  3. He sounds like Frankie- heh heh heh. Lining up those holiday plans, if you ask me, so he's not stuck in limbo.

    So, is this a possibility? Will he actually be visiting this close after disruption?


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