Saturday, November 17, 2007

Last Car Post -- As far as I know

We got the car. Hubby got the color he wanted. I think I could have got the price down another $200 if Hubby hadn't given me sad eyes in front of the saleman. Still, I know from my research that we got a fair and deal on a good car.

But there is something sort of slimy about dealing with a salesman who is so very nice, sincere, and concerned for my well-being. He didn't seem to be faking it at all -- which somehow didn't make it better.

But Hubby is happy with the little car. Brian likes it too. Andrew hasn't even seen it yet, busy as he is with his life. It is fun to drive a little car after having had a large station wagon and a mini van for several years.

Thanks to those of you who gave me info and advice.

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  1. yeah for the new car! What color did you get? I have the opposite problem, we didn't own a car for 8 years so this thing seems huge. I can't even imagine paralell parking a station wagon.


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