Thursday, November 22, 2007

For the others

There was this boy on the photolistings in my state a year ago. He was 17 and hoping against hope that he might get adopted.

I don't know what made me check again, but I did. I tend to keep an eye on the over-10 kids, especially the boys. How many of them will find homes? The under 10's, boys and girls, come and go. Especially the cute ones.

There was something about that 17-year old boy though. I half expected to get a call about him, and I expected not to. For some reason I can't quite articulate his profile and his interviews added up to "gay boy desperately trying to be straight." My heart hurt for him.

I checked every now on the "happy endings" page, just in case....maybe...just maybe he would be there. I know the chances though. He was seventeen.

And now it has been a year and he is off the listings.

So I wish for him a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope wherever he is he is warm and preparing to stuff his face. I hope he is safe.

Today I am so thankful to have four of my five boys with me.

I pray for all those kids who are waiting -- may they soon have families to be thankful for.


  1. My husband and I have a meeting next week (Wednesday) to discuss the adoption of 3 brothers - aged 10, 7 and 4.

    We've only just been cleared/trained/homestudied to adopt.

    They've been waiting for quite some time, being that there are 3 of them and they're all boys.

    We're beyond excited that we're being considered. (And, simultaneously, trying NOT to get our hopes up too high in case we're not chosen!)

    All year long we've been eyeing them on our local adoption site. Even though we weren't planning on all boys, or three kids (!), or a 10 year old.. something was compelling about them. Something kept making us check back to see if they were still there..

    So it doesn't seem strange to me for you to wonder about the 17 year old boy. Sometimes I think people call to us from a distance - and I think having one or two extra people "thinking about him" and caring from a distance sure can't hurt in the grand scheme of the universe, y'know?

  2. When we were still in the searching stage the photos just got to us. We would see all these kids and wonder what happens to them. It was reading the profiles that caused us to open the age range upto 15.

    There was one set of brothers in particular that we had seen in the book. On one visit to look through the books we realized that they were listed separately. We asked one of the social workers why this happened and she explained to us that they had been separated so that hopefully it would increase their chances of being adopted. We sat there stunned thinking of two boys losing each other and we couldn't stand it. We asked for them. It wasn't meant to be but I still think of those two and the others we attached to.

    May they all have families to share the holidays with someday.


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