Thursday, November 22, 2007

Getting Ready

I've done what I can to simply our traditional meal. Jane and Evan are bring pies, so I didn't have to make those. I eliminated the more complicated vegetable. I think it won't be too overwhelming. Carl isn't here so I won't have to even look at that NASTY green bean casserole (and no, I DON'T apologize to all you who love it! Yuck.)

Besides David came last night and Evan will be here later this morning and they will both help without being hounded. Andrew will do what I ask him to do, but without really thinking about it, he will just do that thing and then wander off.

David got here last night and spent a couple of hours in the kitchen cleaning up while I made one mess after another. He is much tidier than I am. He kept asking where things that had been left on the counter belonged. When he put them away he would straighten out the cupboard. It is nice having so much help.

I spoke to him about how much I dislike one of the kids in the carpool. (I can confess that to him.) He kindly reminded me of other young people that I have had little to no patience for, and I remarked that it is surprising to me that I have wanted to work for the permanency agency when I so often don't have patience for other people's kids. He grinned and said, "But I'm your kid."

Well, yeah. He's mine.

It is healing to have him here and I am looking forward to having Evan too. I miss Carl deeply, but I know he is doing well where he is. Have I said recently how amazing these boys are? Excuse me, young men. They range from 20 to 24, afterall.

I think it will be a good Thanksgiving.


  1. How could it be anything other than a wonderful thanksgiving, since all of your boys are either there with you or accounted for and doing well?

    Happy eating!

  2. Have a great thanksgiving with all those young men!

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving. It sounds like a great day.


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