Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How we seem to be doing

Is it wrong that I find myself thinking that I have to do care again so I have something to write about?

I think we are all beginning to come out of the emotional shock and depresssion we had over Frankie's last days and departure. That we were the first to recognize the situation and initiate the move did not make it easy, though I am sure it would have been far more difficult to go through a removal that we did not agree with.

In any case, life feels more normal.

Andrew is still the busy high senior, rarely seen but doing well. I think his position on doing care again is that he would just as soon we waited until after he moved out, but would not protest if "the right kid" came along.

And that is pretty much Hubby's position too. If they (the GLBT kids) don't need us then he will be happy to turn the extra bedroom to a different use. If a youth does need us, well, we are here.

I joked with Brian about being an only child, seeing as how we don't see Andrew very much these days. I asked him how he liked it and he made a face and shrugged, which I interpretted as indicating an eventual willingness to consider care again.

And me? Well, before Frankie I was impatient. I had mixed feelings about being impatient, but I felt ready and able and didn't like waiting. And now I feel like not being needed is fine. I've got other things to do. I am not going to tease the social workers about finding me another kid. I have no desire to get a quilt done, "just in case." In fact, I think I would really like to get through the Christmas holidays before thinking about it, but I don't feel strongly enough about it to tell the social workers not to call for a while.

And I feel like I just don't have much to write about. That's okay too. I can let the blog slide into a state of quietude. I can write whenever I have something to write about, and if that is not often, that is fine.

But since I have no ideas, no inspiration, you want to ask me questions? You can ask anything, but I will probably only answer questions that are foster-care related, since I try to keep most details about the rest of my life off the blog. Although I might be persuaded to get philosophical on topics about which I know nothing.)

Or not. My Google Reader fills up daily with all these folks doing that write every day thing. Perhaps my falling into semi-silence is a good thing right about now.


  1. What led you to do foster care to begin with? Did you have to talk your bio kids into it?
    Your top five tips for a new foster parent.

  2. Nope, I disagree. Your voice is one that isn't duplicated on the internet. I can honestly say, out of all the bazillion blogs I've read/are reading/have thought of reading, I have NEVER seen another one where a Christian family is committed to doing LBTG care.

    How about changing the format of the blog for a while? Maybe doing the "best of PFLAGfostermom" type series?

    How about doing reviews of current events relating to your chosen field?

    I personally would love to hear how your family became called to work with PFLAG foster kids, of what led up to it, etc.

    How about speculation and discussion (monitord by you) of how abandonment, sexual abuse or emotional abuse is linked to sexuality? Be it promiscuity, choice, lack of choice, etc....(and please note I'm not saying homosexuality, just sexuality...I'm not suggesting a debate on the nature/nurture aspect of homosexuality adn its "root causes" LOL)

    You just have a world of experience and knowledge, and I think you need to share it.

    IF you feel like it. If you don't, then take a vacation and get back with us post-holidays. I won't be offended either way, but I haev to say, I really enjoy reading your insights and adventures.

  3. I would really miss your blog. And it is very insightful and helpful to me in my line of work. So, I hope you won't stop completely. I think you will find a good balance and plenty to say. I think that after Frankie it just seems like you are empty. I think it may be because Frankie was such a font of blog fodder everyday! Everything is realative and atfer that most things would seem slow.


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