Monday, November 05, 2007

Some Good News

I got some blank note cards that you can put through the printer so that I could send something to Frankie that I thought he would like. After I finished it I could not find the address so I emailed the agency worker to ask if she had it.

She did. And she told me that Frankie was doing well, whatever that means.

And Frankie gets to keep seeing the same counselor!!!

Oh, how I love my agency. Even though Frankie is not placed with them any more, they are going to continue to pay for the counselor who does not accept Medicaid AND pay for the transportation costs. I am aware that it is not so much that my agency is filled with exceptional people (though they are) as that they are exceptionally well funded. They are ABLE to do this.

Still, this counselor is so good and so perfect for Frankie. Frankie trusts him. He was in no way part of the decision for Frankie to move, which is good. It means that Frankie has no sense of having been betrayed. This guy is just in his corner, all the way.

I'm just so happy.

It's the sort of happy that makes you want to cry.


  1. That's great news. And it's wonderful that your agency is well funded. How is it that they're funded? Lots of grants? Linked to an organized religion? Funded by the state?

    I have to admit to being very naive. Until I found your blog, I didn't know that private foster care agencies even existed.

    In any case, I'm glad they're there for Frankie.

  2. Lisa,
    Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a boy who grew up poor and (I believe) fatherless. As a very young man he had an idea for a company and that company turned into a HUGE company, and he made lots and lots of money.

    He put that money in an endowment and created the agency for which I work.

    So there is no religious affiliation and no need to depend upon getting grants.

  3. THAT is amazing. I don't think I have heard of an agency going out of its' way or doing anything like this. Wow.

  4. That's great. A piece of continuity is going to be helpful for him.

  5. It's great to hear that Frankie will get to keep going to this counselor. Hopefully this continuity will be a big benefit for him.

    We were fortunate with Little Man. He was placed in a program that even now is there for us after placement. We had more resources than we knew what to do with. He even had an educational worker at 4 months old. Obviously he didn't need it then but he may in the future.

    Please tell me you printed Elvish or Druidish cards for him!

  6. Yondalla, I'm so glad to hear about Frankie! It's so nice that he is able to continue with the same counselor. It's great that there will be at least one continuing person in his life that will be there for him.


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