Friday, November 02, 2007

Some sleep

I slept a complete 8 hours last night, with a little help from modern chemistry. (Don't worry, this comes with my physician's approval).

Brian had another event last night. With Brian's concert last week and Andrew's final band concert a few days ago, that is three in one week. Hubby whispered that we seem to be kept quite busy with the kids we have.

Brian has the blues. I asked him what was wrong yesterday and he said, "I woke up and my silly and spontaneous spirit had left." I told him that that wasn't surprising considering how difficult the last two months had been. He said that that was true, but that wasn't what was bothering him. When I asked what was he said, "Well, it's really more of a father/son thing than a mother/son thing." It turns out that it wasn't much of a father/son thing.
By which I mean that he did not have much to say even to his father, not that it wasn't an important thing. All Hubby got out of him was the name of the girl who does not return his affections.

Tonight is our monthly potluck. I'm not quite feeling "up" to it, but we are only having spaghetti, which is easy, and it will probably be good to sit with friends. Some of them know Frankie has gone away and some do not. All will be kind. Hubby has a half day so he will get the house into "casual company" shape. All I have to do is boil water, and heat up jars of ready-made sauce, and then relax in the company of my friends. We've been doing this monthly potluck for quite a few years. It is a long time since it had anything to do with trying to impress each other with our culinary skills. And several of the people who come really don't have any culinary skills. Even the salad and dessert will probably be bought already made.

But that is all good. Hanging out with friends will be very good for me.

And then I think the family needs to do something fun together this weekend, though I can't quite think what. It's tough when they are teenagers. When they were little there were so many things they enjoyed.

I wonder if they are too old for the children's science museum.


  1. I of course think they might enjoy a weekend in San Francisco but then again I might be biased in that. LOL

    I miss our weekly dinner with friends. We were doing it every Wednesday. I love having our friends around the table, talking, laughing, and enjoying good food.

  2. I'll be enjoying a potluck (takeout Chinese) in San Francisco this weekend.

    Unfortunately, it looks like our mutual friend from the other "red state" will be leaving before I arrive.

    Darn it!!


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