Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sister Falling Apart

Well, she'll pull it back together, but I happened to call her when she finally had some time alone so she could, you know?

The smallest problem is that they are going to have to stay in hotel rooms for 2 or 3 months. There was a small house they could rent, but it turned out they would have to pay thousands in deposits and hook-up fees and they just can't do that. They did find a hotel room with a full kitchenette, where "full" means 2 burners. That hotel does have suites with bedrooms, but none that are available for 2-3 months. The only room they can stay in the whole time is a one-room suite. She is nervous that the she and the kids will go crazy in there.

She is not hearing from anybody regarding Nephew. Right now she feels like the fire marshal promised intervention services only to get a full confession so she could close the case. She did find out that Nephew can see the therapist he previously established a relationship with, but she's setting that up all on her own. She wants Nephew to get help, but also thinks that having some contact with juvenile justice would be good for him. She doesn't want him to go to detention, but she needs for him to understand that this is serious.

I don't know if she thought about it in quite this way, but she was hoping that the fire would be a transforming event for her husband. She expected that having his son burning his things in the basement, nearly burning down the house and killing the family would make him reconsider his parenting approaches. Nope. Oh, he isn't hitting the kids because Sis won't leave him alone with the kids. He isn't even insulting the kids, much, because Sis yells at him every time he starts.

She's really unhappy and can't imagine being married to him forever. Of course, she is currently a full-time student and I don't think she is making very much money from cleaning.

My brother in law has a regular leave in August but she says she is going to tell him not to bother coming home. She will use the cramped hotel room as an excuse. I don't know what he will do. He might stay away if it wasn't that there were so many decisions to be made on the house.

Because of the blessed internet, and the willingnes of some of you to reveal your locations, I was able to reach out to someone who lives not in her town, but at least in her state. So I have someone who will be calling her and talking to her about a support group, which Sis says she is now interested in going to. I thank the internet peep from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

I feel so very grateful for the internet today. Thank you all.

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