Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing in Town

While we were in the mountains I had no internet or even cell phone access. I did have a computer with a word processing program though. I wrote six pages over the 8 days we were there. Mostly what drove me to the computer was my father, although not all of it was bad. I need to go back though and decide what, if anything, to publish.

It was pleasant. Gary and Brian went out hunting varmits every day. Since Nephew wasn't there and the caretaker taught them how to use the guns, I took a deep breath and coped. Brian shot two grey squirrels. He gutted, skinned, and ate both of them. The first he cooked over the fire. The second the caretaker breaded (floured) and fried for him. He also got a jack rabbit, which isn't apparently good to eat. He wanted the pelt though.

I got kids to play cards or scrabble with me every day. It was fun.

We played in the lake a lot. It was good.

Now we are back in civilization. We went to the touristy shops. I got my sister a necklace and earring set that are not as nice as the one from which I lost an earring during my June visit, but I think she will like it. I took the kids to my childhood home. It is not nearly so pretty as when my mother planted flowers and mowed the grass. Now it is quite wild, but it was good. I took them down the street (well, two miles down) to the park where we played and hung out. They were very impressed with the area where I lived. Someday I will stop being so secretive about my identity and I will tell you. You too will be impressed, I promise.

Tonight we are going to eat at a local landmark. Sigh. This extreme anonymity thing can make for some boring posts.

The Shih Tzu had a good time in the mountains, but then Shih Tzu's are pretty much always least if you are with them. He however got covered, more than once, with burrs. His fur was just over an inch long, but we still could not get them out without scissors. He looked quite ridiculous. We got him a grooming appointment though. The groomer was excessively cheerful, but the dog looks good.

We are happy, but very tired. Tomorrow I might post some stuff up from my writing while we were gone.

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