Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Update Blog Notification Box

I stopped trying to keep a blog roll a long time ago. There are just so many foster care blogs, and sometimes people just stop writing. So maybe they should be taken off, except then sometimes they start back up again.

So I switched to this notification box feature a while back. (On the side bar...scroll down a bit). Many of you have it on your blogs. The way it works is that it gives a link to the 10 most recent posts from my list of foster care blogs. In order to get it to say "Yondalla" and not "MyRealName" I had to set up a separate Google Reader under the name "Yondalla."* That means that I have two readers, the one where I do my reading, and the one where I list all the blogs for the notification box. Sometimes this means that I will be reading a blog for a long time and THINK I have copied it into the notification system when I haven't.

Anyway, I've updated it. I found several blogs that I thought were there that weren't. Sorry.

I no longer go searching for foster care blogs. I generally find new ones because the author commented here. If you write a foster care blog and you aren't set up for notification leave a comment and I will check you out and probably add you. I rarely remove anyone so if you take a hiatus and then start writing again, your new post will show up here.

Oh, the easiest way to figure out if you are on the list is to check out the box an hour or so after you have published. Well, maybe give it a couple of hours. Sometimes Google is really weird about taking time to get things on the reader.

*You only see "Yondalla" if you click at the bottom to read more.


  1. Just before you posted this I searched through your Google blogroll for a blog you talked about over at "A Family for Keeps". You referred to it as "Susan at Foster Care Warp" - Help? :)

  2. Here is the link:


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