Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Endings Hurt.

The Mamas at Mama Drama Times Two could use some support. Those of you who know the pain of having to let one child go to protect the others, and even those who don't, please give them a virtual hug.


  1. Wow....Thank you for your kind, caring thoughts and virtual hugs. It really is a very difficult time for us all. Reading the supportive comments brought on unexpected tears. It felt good to finally let my guard down enough to truly feel the sadness of the crappy life Radish has and begin to mourn the loss. Thank you!

  2. I'm sending Radish (why is he named after a vegetable anyway) all the virtual hugs in the world. HE'S the one who needs them, not is pseudo-family who doesn't appreciate or want him. He's the one being thrown away so why aren't you asking for support and love for him? This can't be too difficult for them cos they're shipping him off. That's their decision to make but I don't have to support them. However, I do send him the hugs!

  3. Anonymous10:59 PM

    From Brett: I just realized something about Radish that the two "mothers" never even thought about. Maybe the reason he chose them was because he didn't want or need another "father-figure" in his life. He already has a father that he loves and is bonded with.

    Also from Brett: (I'm posting for him because his browser is giving him problems) I was going to ask them, why is it that when natural parents want their rights or even have a complaint with what they are dealing with, they are suddenly overly self-absorbed and "not interested in the children?" But when the foster parents want a pat on the back, or have their deeds put on a pedestal, or if they are at all put off by something, it's "me me me" they are fine with being self-centered then. I don't see either one of these dramatic "mamas" (and I use that term loosely -- the "mamas" part) crying for the next couple of years because they are worried about Radish. They went online and threw themselves a pity party. Oh boo hoo hoo, they're losing $700 a month from a child that's not theirs, never will be, and doesn't want to be. Oh, sorry, probably more than that because they did say he had "special needs" somewhere in there, I believe. They cry for themselves like they lost a job, not a child. OMG, I wish I could have time with each person like these, locked doors so they can't get out. Handcuff me behind my back. I don't want to hit them (that ain't my style). I do, however, want to go off on people within the corrupt system and give them a good toungue-lashing.


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