Saturday, July 11, 2009

More on the fire

Nephew set the fire. It was not an accident.

A fire marshall that deals with children spent an hour talking to him, and Nephew finally confessed.

Now, to be fair, he intended to burn a couple of things in the basement. The fire marshalls found evidence that he had done so in the past. Nephew did NOT intend to set fire to the house.

Of course, he is in serious trouble with the authorities. Sis said he will have to go one full year with no trouble before he will be in the "all clear." I'm not certain if he will be charged with anything in juvenile court. I would imagine so. He has mandated counseling and more.

His father is being kept in Iraq, talking with a specialist there until they believe he has processed it. They won't let him come home until they are confident that he is under control.

And on a happier note my sister said she told the insurance agent that she had no idea how to find furnished apartment for three months. They told her that they would have someone look next week for her. When they have something that fits her stated needs, they'll take her to look at it.

Oh, and I was able to relieve her of one worry. She said her cell phone bill was going to be outrageous. I told her to go the office and tell them that she has been needing her phone more than usual and ask them to change her plan. I know Veriz*n would back-date it and I am guessing Spr*nt will too.

I also talked to her for quite a while about how I thought that Nephew had every chance to grow up to be a good man. He was a kid with a good heart who was struggling with a lot of pain. He needs people around him to take seriously what he did. He is going to have to deal with the consequences of his actions, but at the same time he needs people to believe that he is not an evil person.

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  1. Your sister should look in to (or tell the insurance people to took in to) long term stay hotels. It depends where she lives but if it is near a semi-large city chances are there are a few of them around (I work at one up in Toronto).
    Glad to hear that everyone is ok!


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