Monday, July 20, 2009

In Hotel

Well, the first leg of the journey is over. We left the house at 6am and pulled into the hotel almost 12 hours later. That's about what I expected, given that Google maps said 10 hours travel time.

Roland, Brian, Gary and I went to get dinner. We are in a tiny town; Roland didn't want to eat anywhere local and unpredictable. We ended up at Denny's. Ugg. Alice and Andrew stayed with the puppy while we ate and in exchange get to eat by themselves. Pretty good deal.

I really need to accept the fact that I have asthma. I don't just have asthma in the winter or when I exercise vigorously. I just have it. I need not to stop using my daily inhaler because it is summer. You know, because I could end up on a trip with the Shih Tzu on my lap and an air conditioner vent blowing right over it.

Tomorrow we drive fourish hours (not counting stops, and there is a mighty tempting place to stop) to the city where my father lives. There we will eat lumch and shop. After that it is 2ish hours of curly mountain roads. I'm thinking about take motion sickness meds and sleeping.

Gary is still a blast to take on vacation. Though he came out last year, Still, going on a trip for fun is still new and exciting for him. He appreciates views.

Well, I'm going to sign off. I don't anticipate having internet access again for a while.

I've decided to turn off comment moderation. Be good, y'all.


  1. i hope you have a great vacation

  2. Have a great time on your vacation.

    I too have had an increasing issue with my asthma and have had to bump up twice, from an serevent inhaler to an advair, then to a stronger advair.

    It has made all the difference and now I am very strict about not skipping a dose.


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