Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pieces of Information (Updated)

I know that:

  • He's straight.
  • He's 15.
  • He has never been in a foster home.
  • He lived in was sent to a state far away for treatment when he was 11.
  • His step-mother would not allow him to move back in so he lived with a relative who got too sick to take care of him.
  • So they moved him into a group home because there wasn't anywhere else for him to go.
  • He acts older than his age.
  • He really wants to live with a family.
Roland has agreed to let us get more information -- even though the poor kid has the misfortune to be straight.

Andrew and Brian are willing to follow up as long as I don't let it go too fast and I get lots and lots of information before we make a decision.

So we take our time here. No sudden moves. Perhaps it is good that I am recycling the Ann posts, shaking my head at how incredibly naive I was then.


  1. Wow...the thought of putting a kid who has never been in foster care in a group home gave me the chills (unless group homes in your state are differeent from ours...usually last resort) - here they'd eat him alive. Glad to know that they are trying to find a family for him (no pressure, no pressure!LOL)

  2. "the poor kid has the misfortune to be straight"

    You crack me up! :)

  3. Well, I guess we all know what happens when you post about being bored. Can't wait to hear what else you find out about him :-)

  4. hmmmm- this is going to keep me wondering, good plot twist to your life for our benefit.


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