Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Blogging Dry Spell

Yes, I am using the Ann story to get me through a blogging dry spell.


It isn't that I don't want to blog. It is just that at the moment my life is boring.

In a good way.

Still, I don't have much to say.

So I will trickle out the Ann posts one or two a day and hopefully by the time I give all 50 of them to you something will be happening in my life. Actually I hope to have something else to say some of the time, but I did want you to know that silence about my day-to-day life just means that things are humming along quietly.

So today my big day consisted of the following:

7:00am -- calling Roland to ask where my car keys were and then waiting for him to borrow his principal's car to bring them to me so I could go to work.

7:05 am -- noticing that the van was in the back, which means the Andrew snuck back into the house as part of his participation in "senior cut day" -- which I had told him I absolutely did not support.

7:10 am -- deciding I didn't really care all that much if Andrew cut school.

7:20-9:00 grading, writing notes, and getting up an Ann post.

9:00am-2:00pm -- teaching class and grading papers

2:00-3:30 -- car pool w/one errand on the way

3:30pm -- taking Brian to the optomotrist to pick out new glasses having finally convinced him that he was not going to meet the requirements for contacts any time soon.

4:00pm -- sitting in my chair, surfing the web and reading the political news.

5:00pm -- eating dinner Brian cooked.

5:30pm -- writing one of the most boring blog posts EVER

Next: a bath and deciding what dessert I will bring to the potluck tomorrow. Will I bake or buy?

After that: bed

See what I mean?

Drama-free is a great way to live, but it doesn't provide much in the way of blogging material.

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