Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brian on purses

I went look for purses and I took Brian with me. I like taking teenagers with me. The help prevent me buying things that scream "total dork." Of course what I buy tends to quietly say, "Geeky mom out of touch with fashion" but I can live with that.

He was very helpful:
Me: "Remember, I know I'm a grown up woman. I am not trying to look like a teenager."

Brian: "Right -- no sparkles. How about this one?"

Me: "I like it, but if you want me to be able to hand you tissues, eye-glass cleaner, a comb..."

Brian: "Okay! Something bigger."

Me: "What about this one?"

Brian, thoughtful: "That one says...I'm so menopausal I have to carry everything I own."


  1. Tell Brian thank you for the huge laugh this morning!

  2. What no sparkles? Mine has sparkles. LOL

    My mother has carried that second type of purse as long as I can remember. We used to call it the store room.

  3. LOL

    You bought it, of course?

  4. Brian's not only has perfect hair, he has a great sense of humour to boot ;)

  5. That is great!!!

    I think I have that purse.... :)

  6. Oh Man!!! Too funny.

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    Long-time reader here.
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