Friday, August 08, 2008

Waiting for the Social Worker

The state worker is coming in two hours. Gary is rolling his eyes. He thinks he liked it better when he had a neglegent worker who never showed up. I confess I am surprised. Usually when the social workers get a kid in this private program they sigh deeply and only show up for permanency hearings. Maybe they deal with the agency workers, but I almost never see them.

The agency worker is required to visit him in the home once a month. I don't know if that is a new rule, or just newly-enforced. In years past I believe they were just required to make contact with the family every month. Home visits were every three to six months. Not that I disagree with the requirement, but when you have a state worker, agency worker, and PO officer all wanting to drop by every month it does sometimes feel like a bit overwhelming.

Maybe I won't publish this until after the actual visit. Who knows, maybe there will be something worth writing about.

Is telling you that the social worker never showed worth writing about? After one hour we told Gary it was okay for him to just go to the Y. One hour was long enough to wait for anyone. Five hours after he was supposed to be here the social worker emailed and said that he was asked to do a training at the last minute, his cell phone battery was dead, and he couldn't find the charger.

Did I mention that this social worker is very young?


  1. If you could see me, you would have seen a huge eyeroll. How irritating.

  2. I swear, this happens to me at least once a month. We have to have visits by EACH worker (we have two) TWO times a month. Ugh. And they are always late or don't show up.

  3. Welcome to hell, aka Dealing with the State.

    The real fun for me came later, when the worker claimed that I wouldn't let her in for a visit. Well now, how could I let her in when she didn't even show up?!?!


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