Monday, August 04, 2008

Mysteries of the Universe

Another post from Yondalla:

There are many of course. Is the life on other planets? Do moral claims have objective reality? Why is there poison ivy? Why were Wonderfalls and Fireflyget canceled after only a few episodes while Full House went on for a gazillion years?

Today I want to know why hotel managers don't know where their rooms are. Don't they have a map? Shouldn't the man or woman at the desk know that rooms 110 and 112 are NOT in fact RIGHT next to each other or IMMEDIATELY across the hall from each other?

Perhaps the correct question is really why rooms 111 and 112 AREN'T next to each other. I mean really, who would think that room 211 would be across from 218 while 212 is down the hall and around the corner.

I admit it is not one of the most important questions in the world, but still it puzzles me.

Especially since this is the third hotel in 10 days at which it has happened. Of course I don't really mind that the boys are down the hall and around the corner.


  1. Or why hotel staff don't understand that "adjoining" and "nearby" are not the same.

    And why they then think it O.K. to say things such as, "I understand that you requested an adjoining room, but we didn't save you one, and yes we have an empty set but someone else requested them, and just try to imagine how you would feel if you got here and the room you requested wasn't available!"

  2. Yondalla, I think it is something like L space. There is some reality that makes the layout seem normal. I'm not sure what reality that is though.

    Innocent Observer, please please tell me that didn't happen to you. I would go so crazy on someone.

    The worst we ever had was the russian hotel manager in London who wouldn't give us our room because it had one bed. Two guys, one bed and she started siting some obscure victorian law. It was only when I threatened to return with a solicitor that she relented.


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