Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How To Read 600 Posts

No really...when I got back from vacation and opened Google Reader there were 587 posts waiting for me. Fortunately I have my various blogs sorted into categories.

1. Click on folder marked "news" and then click "mark all as read." That is cheating, of course, but the only way to do this is by cheating. Besides, I have been planning on unsubscribing to several of those pesky news blogs anyway. Posts Remaining: 387

2. Click on "Dawn's Shared Items" and notice that half of them are from blogs you read anyway and so will have to deal with. Decide that though you love Dawn and find most of what she shares to be fascinating, you will simply refuse to be pulled in. Click "mark all as read." Remaining: 382

3. Go to Claudia's blog and though you adore her right down to her toes, decide that you really can't read the 70 posts she has written in the last 12 days. Click "mark all as read" while promising yourself that you really, really will go back and read through her blog to catch up later. Remaining: 312

4. Start looking at particular blogs, read every single title and read at least two posts per blog before clicking "mark all as read." Stop for lunch. Remaining: 199

5. After review another half dozen blogs, reading and clicking about 20 posts. Write blog post on your own life. Refresh reader. Remaining: 199

6. Seriously consider writing a post begging all bloggers to STOP PUBLISHING until you can catch up.

Okay Jo, it isn't Friday, but you have my permission to use this when it is. If you want, of course.

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  1. I am giggling at the computer. You are my kind of friend! Love the system, works for me.


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