Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nobody can be perfect forever

Well, it had to happen, right? No one really thought that Gary was going to be Mr. Perfect forever. I mean, the kid who cleans up after everyone, follows every rule, and is just generally easy to live with would have to do SOMEthing against the rules, right? Of course right.

He left for the Y today and even though I asked him to check in every two hours he didn't. He was gone for six hours and he just forgot to call me.

oooo....he bad.

Actually, I don't think he forgot, or maybe he forgot sort of on purpose. He doesn't mind calling me when he is changing locations. That makes sense to him. However calling me to say that he is still at the Y is just pushing it a little too far. I do believe that he was at the Y the whole time. He spent a good bit of it hanging with a friend who works at the rock wall there. It wasn't busy and in between supervising others, he learned all about the knots and such.

It is actually a bit of a relief to see he has some defiance in him. I take it as a sign that he is beginning to feel a little bit safer here.

Oh, he has also left things that belong to the whole family in his room instead of putting them back where they belong.

Like the vacuum cleaner.


  1. Not the vacuum! How DO you put up with that kid?!?! :)

  2. Oh good, he is a normal kid after all! I was starting to wonder if the state was manufacturing Stepford foster kids there for a bit!


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