Sunday, August 03, 2008

Moving On

FosterAbba here, posting for Yondalla:

I am currently reclining in a hotel room. Roland, Andrew and Brian are out watching a movie. Gary is napping in the boys' room. Last night was the in-laws' 60th anniversary party. It was a quiet dinner, fewer than 30 people. I was one of two adults at the "kids'" table, which suited me fine. I liked kids, and the other adult was my favorite brother-in-law.

It is good to have the visit to the cottage behind us. I will miss it, but saying goodbye is more difficult than just being away.

It has been a difficult time for Gary too. Just before we left he learned that his grandfather had entered the hospital. Thursday he got a call telling him that they had decided to take grandfather off life support. Friday he died. He has been very sad, wishing he could have been there. Gary will also miss the services which even he says is in some ways a good thing. Family dynamics are complicated and painful. There a family members who have not forgiven him and others he has not forgiven.

I hope when we get back I will be able to take him to visit his grandmother at least. Some times he is enormously sad. At others it does not seem real.

I won't make it home for a few days.


  1. Sweet Gary. Life isn't supposed to be this complicated when you are so young.

  2. Gary,

    I'm so sorry for your loss and even more that life has made grieving so complicated.

  3. Sincere condolences to Gary....


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