Monday, August 11, 2008


Gary had his first counseling appointment since he moved in. It was set up entirely at his initative. He came out and pronounced that this guy is the best counselor in the whole world. That is a good sign. He has seen this counselor before, in case you are insterested.

We bought school clothes today. Gary got three pairs of pants, three new t-shirts, underwear, socks, and PJ pants. It is so much fun taking them school shopping for the first time. Gary doesn't remember ever buying that many clothes all at once -- not new anyway.

My mother isn't doing very well. Her TIA (very small stroke) might have been one of those odd blessings, getting her into the physician's and getting diagnosed, although it is difficult to feel that way. She had a CT to see if there was a blockage that would explain the TIA. There wasn't, but there were nodules on her thyroid. So she went to an endocrinologist who said that her osteoporosis was severe and recommended a change in her meds. Somehow this led to another scan which showed something on her lung. So now she has to have some of the nodules on the thyroid and lung biopsied. I am refusing to get worked up about that until we have a least that is the plan.

Oh...and she has early Parkinson's.

I wish I lived closer, that visiting her wasn't so damn expensive and that I could do it more often.
She and my sister don't get along as well. She wants me to call her and tell her. I did. We are both planning on sending her regular letters and photos instead of calling, although we will do that too. She is depressed and I figure she can keep re-reading a letter but a phone call is just over when it is over.

She doesn't know about the blog, but doesn't have a computer or really understand much about this whole internet thing anyway. She and John McCain went to kindergarten together. Well, not together as in the same place, but at the same time.

Do I sound flip or glib? I know I tend to when I am trying not to be depressed or worried.

I really do wish she didn't live so very far away.


  1. Nodules on thyroid? As in parathyroid tumors or something els? I ask becuase my mom (age 65) just had sugery for parathyroid tumors. Before she had the surgery she had loss of memory, hip pain, osteopenia, blah blah blah. Once she had the tumors removed, she made a remarkable recovery. Write me privately if you want more info.

  2. I don't really know Suz, and I don't think she does either. Her thyroid functioning is fine. When they do the biopsy they will know more.

  3. Sorry to hear about your mom. Good luck with putting it in God's hands. You know what they say "If you are going to worry why pray? IF you are going to pray why worry?" Hoping for a good outcome and relief for you all.

  4. That is sad that Gary hasn't ever had that experience. Glad he got it though, finally!
    Sorry about the worry with your mom. You just sound practical. And because you have a tendency to worry, doing what you can to not make yourself crazy is a good thing. Hang in there! You know where I am.

  5. Sorry about the stuff with your Mom. Living far away sucks (but sometimes is good too). Take care. And yay that Gary has a counselor he likes!


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