Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waking Brian Up

I'm letting Roland worry about it, more or less.

Brian and Roland are on the same wave-length. They both make noise almost constantly, just to make noise. They are both great mimics. They both find jokes just as funny the 100th time they tell/see them as the first. They both start doing scenes or lines from Mel Brooks films for no apparent reason, although there must be a reason since they both started the same line or scene. Just for the record, I enjoyed Blazing Sadles. I really did. I just don't really need to hear quotes from it all the time. And I was impressed the first time Brian made a perfect Wookiee noise -- but that was like 1000 Wookiee-calls ago. I don't know if Roland is still impressed, but the sound doesn't grate on his nerves at all.

Anyway, they both have trouble getting up in the morning.

So Roland can handle this issue more as a fellow-sufferer. Roland is considering trying giving Brian a dose on antihistamine to put him to sleep extra early. Whatever. I got up and went to work in my office this morning. I adore both my kids, but I have no problem confessing that sometimes Brian's Dad is better at parenting Brian that I am. (I am quite often just as good, but I am rarely better.)

Thank you all for your suggestions and I apologize for not even trying them.

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