Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Better Morning

It doesn't take much to activate my snark-response, but fortunately it doesn't take a lot to make me happy either.

Miss E got into the car at her typical 6:50 -- moving very carefully. I asked how she was, "fine." I looked at her and her face clearly indicated discomfort. I paused and put my hand near her shoulder, stopping myself before I forgot and actually touched her, "E, sweetie, what's wrong?"

She told me that she hurt her leg. It sounded like she was saying that she had shin splints so bad that she could not bend her leg and it hurt all the way up into her thigh. I don't know if shin splints can do that, and I wasn't certain if I heard her correctly anyway. I expressed sympathy and asked if she had seen anyone. "No. It will just have to heal." After a few comments about how tough things had been for her I got out my little speech.

"You know, E, I've been wanting to tell you that I really miss the chats we used to have."

"I never really talked to you."

"Well, it seems to me that we used to chat more in the car, and I just wanted to tell you that I miss that. Can you believe the traffic here? It's never like this. I wonder what's going on."

"It's spring break. Everyone is trying to get out of town."

"Huh." We turn the corner to see even more cars. "Wow. Maybe there is some sort of chemical accident and everyone but us is getting out of town."

She chuckled, "That would be funny."

"Yep. We'll die laughing together." She laughs again.

I told her about a mix-up with my new glasses. She told me that she still hadn't got hers because it was too soon for Medicaid to pay for them, but she should get them soon. When I dropped her off she was telling me that though the stairs would be difficult for her today, they were actually easier than going all the way to the far side of the building to get the elevator -- why don't the put elevators in the middle of buildings?

And that's all I need to make me happy. I'm a simple woman.


  1. so little, but it represents so much. With all the struggles to relate to adults and children, how does Miss E seem to relate to peers?

    I have a friend whom I email everyday. Most days it is just a "Good morning, hope your day goes well." It isn't much but I look forward to it and I miss it when it is gone.

  2. Perfect. You said it, and immediately moved on--I doubt she would have been able to tolerate it any longer than that. And she responded! At least, she did today...

  3. BTW, I've been thinking about E's statement, "I can be happy in any family." This is such a statement of non-attachment. And she calls it "being happy." If she were my therapy client, I would be very frightened for her. (Sorry.)


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