Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Malingering and no updates

So I think I have a mild version of what the Hubby and the boys had (they all returned to real life today, more on that later.) What they have is definitely viral -- at least that is the assumption until we find out what new product is causing a rash of food poisoning all over town. When I mentioned their symptoms to people every one has either had it or known someone who has.

My symptoms include lack of appetite, mild stomach cramps through the night, and some nausea. I haven't thrown my cookies, so to speak, but I have been limiting myself to a safe diet. As the daughter of a nurse I feel guilty for sleeping in, getting Hubby to drive Miss E to school, and having a total lazy day. You know that Mom would never let me stay home unless I had an actual fever or vomit.

So maybe I'm just pampering myself. Oh well, I'm the mommy now. I can give myself a day off.

I don't really know what is going on with Miss E's placement. The social worker kindly agrees to keep me informed, which isn't really a breach of confidentiality as I have said that I would be willing to take her for respite. So telling me that the FP's are taking her disappearing act in stride and she does not foresee any problems is within bonds. I have no reason to expect a call.

And that is good because it is eleven weeks until school gets out and seventeen, if I remember correctly, until her birthday.

I'm withholding judgment regarding the competence of the FP's. I agree with all of you who commented that they really should have known that she was out all night. However, it may be that this is the learning experience they needed. This all reminds me so much of the last few months of David living here. I always knew when he was gone, but I couldn't get him to tell me where he was. I didn't know how to handle it, and so I can't begin to judge someone else for how they handle it.

I'm still hoping she sticks there.

Oh...and I said that I had more to say about the male members of my family getting better. Now, they all got sick at about the same time and they all got up and went to their various places of work or schooling today. Brian, who is usually the one to milk an extra day out of a illness (and who am I to criticize?) asked last night, "If I make it through school tomorrow will I be able to go to the youth group?" We said yes, and he was suddenly very much better.

For those of you who are following the Brian's and fundies story, I doubt there will be much to tell for a while. The parents in question seem to think it is a good idea for the kids just see each other at youth group for a while. If the kids stay interested in seeing each other outside that environment, then they will do the background check.

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