Thursday, November 20, 2008

When he came to us in June he learned that the girl he kept in his heart but whom he hadn't been allowed to talk to for eleven months had moved on.

So he found a new girlfriend, who really had a very troubled life. That was difficult. They sort of broke up for a while.

During which time he went to a new school where he was the hot fresh meat. He picked one girl out from the crowd and worked on her, but somehow it didn't really go anywhere.

Then he really broke up with the previous girlfriend -- the one with the really troubled life.

He started seeing this girl he met on the bus, and they weren't dating, just hanging. And then they were dating for about five minutes but decided that since they had both just got out of complicated relationships they should not start a new one right away.

So now he is seeing someone else but they are not dating...yet.


You'd think he had spent the last year or three in something like jail where he wasn't allowed to see girls at all...



  1. What is the deal with that? Hee hee

  2. hee hee hee hee what a hoot.

    Heck, who can blame him? Freedom is freedom....

  3. Sounds like a hormonal teenager to me. Get this -- my 5th grade son got asked out by a girl yesterday. It's starting already!


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