Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can hear you...sort of

So around 7 Brian yelled that he and Gary were leaving to catch the bus. I said, "okay!"

Later Roland asked where they were. "At the youth group, it's Thursday."

"But they haven't done that for weeks."

"Well they did it tonight."

He leaves to pick them up at 9:00pm. They are not there. The leaders say they never signed in. They haven't seen them at all. They aren't answering their cell phones.

Panic threatens. We agree that they are good boys and we shouldn't assume that they have done something bad, but we are both very worried. I call them too. I text them,

"Where the h*** r u????"

It occurs to me that if we do decide to call the police it will amount to reporting Gary for a probation violation. Not good. But what if they are hurt and I put off calling?

9:20 Gary calls me. "Hi. Um...we went to [martial arts studio] for my class. Brian said he told you."

Oh, uh, yeah.

Remember, the guy at the hearing screening said my hearing was normal. Perfectly normal.


  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    hm, so was it Brian telling you an incorrect place, or was it you mistakingly hearing something else?

    my own hearing isn't the greatest. sadly, my *memory* is far worse!

    -- Silph

  2. Having "normal" hearing doesn't mean that it isn't far worse than you are used to.

    I'm guilty of the same type of "hearing" issues, and memory, don't even get me started.

    Thank goodness you didn't call the police!

  3. But you are not alone, Roland didn't hear it right either. You can both feel decrepit together.

  4. Jo -- Roland was asleep, so no comfort there.

    Silph -- I'm not sure. What I heard was, "We are going to get the bus now." He claims he said where they were going, but I can't be sure.

    Kerry -- that is a good point. It isn't what it used to be. It is good that I didn't call the police -- although I told Gary afterwards that I almost did because I was worried. He turned a bit pale. I think he will make sure that the deaf woman has clearly heard where they are going in future.

  5. Oh man, I do that sort of thing all the time. So does my husband. "I thought you said" such and such is pretty common in our house. LOL

  6. My mom used to do this a lot...mostly because she was busy writing something and wasn't really paying attetion. It got to the point that I would ask her to repeat what I said (annoying but it worked)

  7. Hey- here's my trick for keeping up with teenagers, it may help.

    Pin a calendar to the inside of your pantry door (or if you're like me, the wall right next to the back door LOL in plain sight). Remind teens (or have them sign an agreement like I did) that they must write down any appointments, including social (dates, etc) that they leave the house for, or else they will automatically lose their cell phone for one day the first time, 2 the second, and so forth.

    One missed day of texting and I bet there will be no more "missing kids". Just be prepared for info you didn't want to know and sarcasm: "went to make out with boy you don't know and wouldn't like at the park" (true, gag) "went outside to scrape dog poop off my shoe" (true, gag) "went to go rob the Mapco because you forgot to give me my allowance" (false, but hint taken, thks)

  8. When I was around your age, maybe a little older I had my hearing checked because I wasn't hearing things like used too. The Dr. came out and handed me a screening sheet with the top two lines marked out and told me my hearing was perfect for someone my age. It took me a minute, then I asked him what I was supposed to do about all people weren't my age and could hear like I used to? He just looked at me. I took my piece of paper and went on home, and I'm still not sure just how deaf I am.


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