Monday, November 10, 2008

Taking a day

I am taking a personal day (although technically I don't have those) to get caught up. I cancelled classes and office hours and am staying home with no distractions to grade and grade.

A week or so ago I complained to Roland about how hard it was to TALK with him. I pointed out that when we did talk he was always sending mixed messages -- telling me he wanted to listen but also sending body language that said he needed to go. He acknowledged that that was true.

Now I am sitting at his desk because it is the best work station in the house. (A direct result of his uncontolled spending, but we're letting that go). He has various notes and photos on the wall. One is a schedule for his evening. It has little pictures illustrating what he is suppoed to do. It says:

Break (pic of TV)
Feed and exercise dog (pic of man and dog)
check calendar, email (pic of calendar and envelop)
Yondalla (pic of man and woman facing each other with little talk bubbles)
Dinner (pic of plate with food)
work (pic of computer)
Yondalla (repeat pic above)


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    golly, i think i could do well with roland's system, too. [not to mention /my/ tendancy to spend too much :-/ ].

    i wonder if some people are just naturally more organized and thrifty than others... ?

    -- Silph

  2. That's so cute. I hope he remembers to follow his schedule.

  3. That is so charming! He has scheduled you in.


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