Sunday, July 15, 2007

Evan and Frankie

Yeah...I barely know anything about Frankie and there is already sibling rivalry.

I asked Evan if he would be willing to write something about what it is like living here. I have been wanted to create a short portfolio on our family for a while. I wanted to give the social workers permission to show it to potential kids so they would have an idea of what we were like. I thought a page from Evan would be really good since he has maintained his relationships with the rest of his family while he has been here. Since Frankie has family in the area, that might be something that ze would be reassured to hear.

But I did end up telling Evan that there was a kid that the agency was considering introducing us to.

And Evan's response? He's worried about where he will stay on vacations. I promised him that he could come home during breaks, even though he knows the agency will pay the extra for him to stay in the dorms, he really wanted to be able to come back here.

I reassured him. I had told him before that I could not promise him an empty bedroom waiting for him, but I could promise that he would always be welcome. He could bunk with Andrew or Brian could bunk with Andrew and Evan could have Brian's room.

I promised Evan he would still have a key to the house. He could still come over on Saturdays and do his laundry (well, check with Hubby -- he's the captain of laundry around here). He can come home for the weekend just because he has to get out of the dorms.

I know he will miss having the bedroom empty, there for him any time. Bunking with the boys won't be the same as coming back to his own room. I think though that he is feeling reassured.

This is one of his homes.

I feel like I should give him something, other than the key, that indicates I really mean it.

Don't know what though.

Frankie's Coming to Visit

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  1. Maybe get him a keychain with some very dorky text. (ther must be something about family )


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