Saturday, July 07, 2007

Minor updates

Things are so quiet and peaceful here, now that the girls are gone.

Our biggest drama is Brian being made to be responsible for taking his own medication. This means no drama when he remembers and lots of drama when he forgets. The power of pharmaceuticals is amazing.

The second biggest issue is Evan's ... whatever it is. I ask him to bring up dirty dishes from his room. He tells me he has none. I SEE dirty dishes in his room and tell him to bring them to the kitchen. He promises me he will. I go down to his room while he is at work and bring up four of the best glasses, four plates, two mugs, and a handful of flatware.

Hubby tells him that if he opens his AC vent to full his room may be 60 degrees (where he likes it) but the living room at the other end of the house is 80. He needs to keep it cracked. Hubby shows him where to set it. He agrees. Hubby goes in after Evan goes to work and it is open to full.

Funny, Hubby expresses just as much irritation as I do about the dishes.

We have learned though. He has no intention of arguing with Evan. It gets you nowhere. Evan will agree, assure, and promise and then do the opposite. Hubby is already trying to do something or other to the vent so that Evan will no longer be able to change the setting.

The thermostat issue is important because it has been hot here. I normally avoid talking about the weather because it is a geographical clue, but as there is a heat wave covering much of the country I suppose it is safe to say that it has been hot. Really hot. So hot that I bought a styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice to bring home the ice cream from the grocery store. So hot that stepping outside in the late afternoon feels like walking into an oven.

I wanna go to Maine now, please. (We leave on the 17th).


  1. Aw man! I was so excited to see that you will be local soon, but we leave for New Brunswick on the 17th. (how weird is it that our departure dates are the same, and not even a normal day like Friday or Saturday?!?!)

  2. I just send R & R back to their room to pick up dirty laundry and any dishes. They came out with 2 socks.

    I know I will go back there and fill a laundry basket.

    And probably a dishpan.

    And yet they can spot my hidden Hershey bar from 2 rooms away (or hear me open it).


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