Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Definite Maybe

We went to a training last night, where we learned that the world is an incredibly dangerous place, that there is little we can do about it, so we should be vigilant and not worry too much.

In other news, the supervisor and the family developer wanted to tell us about a teenager they met.

I shouldn't perhaps be telling you about zir because I can't tell you much and the youth might not even be accepted into the program. It could all come to nothing. Worse, I shall be leaving for vacation on Tuesday morning and will not have access to the Internet until early August, so you will be left without even knowing what is happening.

So I shouldn't tell you anything, but why should I suffer alone?

Here's what I can tell you. The youth in question is fifteen, seems younger, and said things which indicate questioning. The social workers talking to us struggled to find the right words and I finally said, "The youth tripped your gaydar but is not self-identifying as GLBTQ." They were pleased. That was it exactly.

There are behavioral issues in the past which would disqualify zir from the program and for living with us, but there is reason to think that ze might be better now. The representative of the group home where ze is living is advocating for zir, saying that they almost did not accept zir back after ze left them for a long-term treatment center, but they did and ze is like a different kid.

Ze very much wants to leave the group home and live with a family, and would like to move to my part of the world as it would allow zir to have contact with the birth family whose own medical and other problems make it impossible for them to care for zir.

So we shall leave for vacation. The social workers will try to get to know zir better, and ze may come to visit us when we get back.

Or we may come back to be told that they decided ze was not appropriate for the program.

More Thoughts on Zir


  1. How exciting! I'll suffer with you!


  2. Have a good vacation. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with zir.


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