Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Turning Eighteen

Eighteen is the magical age for kids.

To wards of the court it means so much more than it does for everyone else. For the kids in my state it means:

  1. They can finally get their driver's license.
  2. They may spend the night at a friend's house without the parents undergoing a criminal background check.
  3. They can go out of state without the approval of a judges and social workers.
  4. If they want, they can leave foster care.

I have got better at explaining to kids who live in my house that increased freedom and privileges are the result of increased responsibility. Turning 18 has absolutely no affect on the house rules. I tell them that being 18 means:

  1. They can be drafted.
  2. They can be sued.
  3. If they commit a crime they go to prison and have a record.
  4. If they don't like my rules they can move out not be called in as a runaway.

Carl and Evan both dealt with this quite easily. They both had shown enough responsibility by the time that they were 18 that they had plenty of freedom anyway.

David though...Sigh. I think musing about David will have to be a post unto itself.

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