Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Evan The Brave

Most of what I have been writing so far has been reflections on my experience. I want to respect everyone's privacy, but I am so proud of Evan. How often have any of us seen a bully and wished that someone else would do something about it?

As you read the following stories you must remember that Evan is a big guy -- 6'2" and 240 pounds. People either see him as a giant teddy bear or hugely intimidating. He regularly comes home to tell me that yet again someone asked if it was true that he is gay. When he assures them that he is they are not certain if he is pulling their legs.

A small kid was getting picked on in PE the other day. Evan walked over and told the bully to back off. The bully tried challenging Evan: "What? You want to fight me?"

Evan smiled, opened his arms and said, "No. I want to hug you."

The bully backed off.

At the beginning of the year Evan overheard two kids talking about teaching another kid, "Brett" a lesson. Evan interrupts, "Do you mean 'Brett B?"

When they assured him that that was who they were talking about Evan looked them in the eye and said, "He's my ex-boyfriend." After a few moments of silence he told them, "Anything happens to Brett and you and me are going to have a problem."

It makes me proud to know him.

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