Monday, January 30, 2006

Back from the memorial

David and Andrew both wanted to go to the service for K's mom. K was especially happy to see David. There was lunch in the fellowship hall after the service. Andrew and I ate right away and then he cleared places and I followed to set new ones -- the church was packed. Fortunately people trickled in for the lunch so no one was ever standing and waiting for a table.

Just when I thought we were ready to go K came and asked David to go outside and talk. So I went back and sat down for another hour.

I told K that I had printed the letters her mother wrote to PFLAG two years ago and that they were with the sympathy cards. She seemed to really appreciate it. I am so glad that I didn't delete them.

I'm exhausted.

I got home and there were two messages on the answering machine.

1. Would I take David's younger brother for respite on President's Day weekend. Answer: no. I am already committed to taking two girls from another home. I think seven people in this house are enough. Although I did wimp out -- I left a message with the social worker saying that if things were desperate she could call me back.

2. Would I testify against the evil anti-gay marriage amendment at the hearing Thursday morning? Evan was there when I played it, "You're going to do it, right? Of course you are." I told him that hubby and I were planning on lobbying on Wednesday and I did not know if I could manage both. I guess I will call and ask where I can do the most good. I won't lobby without Hubby, but I wonder if he would lobby without me? Maybe there are some other people that I could recruit for the hearing.

Next: Teaching Ethics I

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