Thursday, April 01, 2010

Adoption to-do lists

Gary's Adoption To-Do List:
1. get copy of driver's license
2. fill out short application, financial report, and information release form
3. make and keep appointment for criminal background check
4. ensure that Roland and Andrew make and keep appointments for criminal background check
5. have physician fill out extensive health report (ensure Roland does same)
6. write detailed auto-biography (ensure Roland does same)
7. contact four people and ask them to be references
8. contact private adoption agency that does home studies
9. meet with social worker from agency several times. Make sure she gets a chance to interview Andrew when he is home.
10. make appointment with attorney

Adult Adoptions T0-Do List:
1. make appointment with attorney


  1. Congrats on the adoption! Is Gary through DSS or a private agency?

  2. DSS

    Although foster placement with us is via a private agency that contracts with the state. The private agency won't have any responsibilities for the Gary's adoption.


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