Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hearing over

The T.P.R. hearing for Gary's mother's parental rights is over. It was short and sad. The judge found that the state had done everything they could to contact her and her rights were terminated on grounds of abandonment.

I really, really hate these things.

Gary decided not to go to this one, and I think that is wise.

I got lots of information regarding adopting him. If we are going to do this before he turns 18 then we need to get moving. Thank goodness it isn't as complicated as getting licensed, but Roland and I have to get new criminal background checks, a more complete medical report, have a home study.

With all this the adoption just might be finalized before his birthday in September. Maybe.

I met Helen and her foster father. Apparently they had some sort of hearing today too. The state worker confirmed that the foster father has expressed interest in adopting her, but they don't know if that will happen, at least in part because they don't know what Will is going to do. He will have a case plan to work, and reunification is still the case goal. I told the state worker that Roland and I did not have any need to try to get custody of her, but we would hold onto our license for another year if she might need us. He said he would let me know when Gary's adoption is finalized if there is any significant chance they will want to place her with us.


  1. We are fosters for 11 years and recently adopting. Me personally, describes the adoption process to others as standing on a freeway on-ramp naked with my bank statements in my hands. It was so much more in-depth than fostering in our state. I wish you good luck (and speed).

  2. Wow, that sounds incredibly sad but also enlightening. I guess this pretty much gives you your plan on how to proceed.


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