Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Update on Gary's hospitalization

I spoke yesterday with the social worker (agency). She said that Gary was pretty irritated at being there, but did finally acknowledge that if he wasn't actually suicidal then he should have said things like, "I am very sad, and I would like to talk" and not things like, "I am thinking about killing myself and it is so easy I don't need a plan."

Gary apparently told her that maybe what he did was just a little bit attention-seeking. She told me she didn't respond with "Ya think?"

Don't get me wrong, we both agree that Gary is depressed and has excellent reason for being depressed. He needs more help than he is getting, and he could really, really benefit from some anti-depressants, which he is unwilling to take. We also think that this weekend was more about him yelling, "I really need some help here!" more than it was about being in danger of hurting himself.

The psychiatrist at the facility thinks that Gary is not a danger to self or others, but will keep him just a few more days to be sure. After that he will discharge Gary with recommendations for outpatient treatment. He (the psychiatrist) recommends that I encourage Gary to take anti-depressants at least as a trial. He said this as though this novel idea had not yet occurred to me. Since we were speaking over the phone he did not seem my eyes rolling.

So that is where it stands. There were no visiting hours yesterday, but there are today. I should get to see him and then probably bring him home in a day or two.

And then life will continue with this distressed young man who wants and doesn't want help.

Though this is on the extreme side, "distressed young person who wants and doesn't want help" is a fairly accurate description of what it means to be an adolescent.

They have a lot in common with two-year-olds.

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  1. Hope Gary is opening up and getting the help he needs - I know he'll get it once he gets back home.


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