Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on stuff

Okay, I know some of you are wondering what is happening with respect the the TPR stuff. The answer is "nothing much." Gary decided that he is okay with that happening. I emailed the social workers. Neither of them has emailed me back. The permanency hearing is in a couple of weeks. I don't know if anything will happen there.

In theory, Will could have already talked to his lawyer who might have spoken with the state lawyer, and they could show up with Will and a signed form from Will for the judge to approve. Or Will could not show up, have not contacted his lawyer, and the lawyer for the state say that they think that there should be a TPR and the judge could order that Will be sent notification, which has to be served in person. Or ... oh who knows.

Gary hasn't said anything about adoption or guardianship. I'm not going to bring it up either. If he wants it, we will do it. If he doesn't, we won't. I imagine one of the social workers will bring it up again. Right now I think that he isn't interested, and that is fine. He wants the social worker to get back in touch about how we can go about buying his computer.

Oh, and he has put himself on this absurd diet of under 1000 calories a day (lots of fruits and veggies) so he can "cut weight" in the next six weeks for a big fight. We'll see how long that lasts.

In other news, we finally made the decision to put the Cattle Dog down. She hadn't actually bitten anyone yet but she was getting closer. I don't really want to go through it all, but Roland and I agreed that it was better to do it before she bit someone.

We are all sad, but even Brian who is the most sad doesn't think we were wrong to do it.

I think life is going to be more peaceful with just one dog. I went out and got the Shih Tzu some squeaky toys that he loves and the Cattle Dog would have destroyed in 10 seconds.


  1. It is tough to have to put down a beloved pet but you probably made the right call. With kids in the house, even older kids, I err always on the side of caution.

  2. Putting a dog down is a hard decision. I'm sorry.

  3. I'm sorry about Cattle Dog. Even a right decision can be a hard one.

  4. Can you get in touch with a cattle dog rescue organization? Maybe the dog could go to a home with no children and no other pets? If the animal is healthy there's really no need to have him killed. "Putting him down" is a euphemism, isn't it? Cattle dogs can be very strong willed and difficult to handle. I'm not criticizing you for being unable to cope but I hate to see animals killed when they could thrive in another environment.

  5. Sorry Miz Kizzle, the Cattle Dog is already dead. No euphemisms.

  6. I'm sorry you had to put Cattle Dog down. Obvisouly she wasn't happy if she was biting. :-(

    (I used to be Lee, BTW)

  7. Hi! My name is Carrie and I work for a nonprofit organization in WV that works with foster care and adoption. I have started a blog for our organization and have now also started to also seek out other bloggers who write about the same issues. I look forward to reading your blog and I hope you check ours out as well: Thanks! Carrie

  8. Sorry to hear about your dog, but know that you were a great guardian for her by ending her pain...

  9. Thanks everyone.

    Miz Kizzle & those concerned about the decision:
    I didn't want to post all the details, but I get why it could be upsetting for some. We had CD for 6 years. She was a strong-willed dog, but also extremely well-behaved. For the past several months she has been on pain medication, and in the past few weeks the medication was less effective. I think she was losing her hearing. She would seem to respond to noise, but if you paid close attention, it was always after the Shih Tzu did. Even when we called her, she didn't come right away like before...only when the Shih Tzu decided to investigate. Being deaf is not a reason for euthanasia, but it is another explanation for why she may have been escalating in her aggression. She didn't feel safe. We couldn't place her with a shelter or rescue organization because she has bit people. The day we euthanized her she scared the plumber, and me, pretty bad. I couldn't get her to back down with my voice alone. Roland came home to find me crying. I just wanted to let her go peacefully before she had to be put down because she really hurt someone.

    We loved her, and we miss her, and I do appreciate all you dog lovers who want to advocate for older and disabled dogs.

  10. My condolences for the loss of your beloved dog.


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