Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back to School

Took the boys back to school shopping today.

Gary was, I am pleased to report, comfortable just getting out everything he needed. He may be under the impression that the agency pays for routine school supplies. They don't. In any case, we got composition books, notebooks, pocket folders. He even tossed in a fancy cloth zipper case for his pencils and such (the kind that goes inside a binder). It's odd, with other kids I might push them to be more frugal. I'm still so pleased when Gary will allow me to get him things.

Of course it helps that I was shopping with Brian at the same time.

We also got Gary more school clothes. Two pair of khaki pants. I even found one pair that are almost-jeans. Over time one develops an eye for what one can get away with uniform-wise. Their pants have to be navy or khaki. If they are navy they really, really have to be chinos or dressy. Anything cut the least bit like jeans will result in a call home for appropriate clothes. With khaki though they seem to get away with just a bit more.

He got some underwear. The lady shopping with her husband chuckled as I had convinced him that even if he did do laundry twice a week, it was not unreasonable to have enough underwear to go a whole week in a pinch.

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  1. Gary would be shocked to know that I can go Three Whole Weeks without needing to do laundry.

    You know, one day Gary is going to find this blog and he'll know that you've been buying him things that -- gasp!! -- are not reimbursed... :-)


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