Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One of my colleagues, a favorite one in fact, announced a little while ago that this will almost certainly be his last year teaching. I'm feeling deeply bummed. We are going through a major curriculum change and we all know there is no way to predict exactly what will happen. We don't know where the greatest needs are going to be. That means that he is unlikely to get replaced.

That means, as far as I can see, I will only be able to offer a minor.

And I will miss him, because he is about the best colleague ever. We really worked well together.

So now everything will be awful.

Well, maybe not awful, but worse.

Although he has a nice office. No bigger than mine, but on the cooler side of the building, and you can see a fountain from his window.


  1. Sorry to hear that he is leaving. Where I am teaching they have recently started using a new curriculum and I feel that they are misinterpreting it in some areas. I much preferred the previous curriculum (when I substituted there) mainly because the methods for observation and portfolios and such things made more sense. This new way is just illogical. Anyway, my sympathies on the potential upcoming loss of a great coworker. They are hard to find.

  2. Is there any way to offer a major that requires a semester at another school in order to complete it? (Or, a couple of online courses taken from a larger location?) I know this sounds extreme, but, it seems so much better than losing the major all together.


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