Monday, November 16, 2009

TPR, in case you were wondering

I asked for an update on the TPR process. This is what I know:

The state worker has finished the paper work and we will be told when the hearing is scheduled.

No one has been able to make contact with Gary's mother.

And that's all.


  1. Another child has been stolen and sold by CPS. I wonder how much money they made off of this sale.

  2. lol um "nutt", I doubt you can call it stolen when the parents voluntarily walked away from their child and refused to allow the child to come back home...

    ...hate to burst your conspiracy rant bubble, but you might want to read the history for Gary before you blame CPS. If CPS hadn't stepped up and assumed care for Gary, he'd likely have been living on the streets, abandoned by his bio father before birth, ditched by bio mom in young childhood and dumped by stepdad/legal dad in early teens. Instead, he's in a safe wonderful home (go Yondalla), with a chance at a great future.

    Hooray for CPS for helping Gary get a great placement with people that believe in him!

    :) "Nutt" what an apropos moniker!

  3. I was wondering about this....

    (Btw, thanks Stacie for saying what I was thinking.)


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