Friday, November 13, 2009

Catch UP

So, still outrageously busy. There is just so much going on at work this year. I've been forbidding myself the blogosphere at work, which has really been helping. I work longer days and I WORK hard. However, it has the unintended consequence of leaving me really not wanting to sit at my laptop when I go home. All I want to do is crash and read trashy (not too trashy) novels. My Google Reader is now so full that facing it feels like another overwhelming work assignment, so I just don't do that either.

Things really will ease up soon, and for a while.

In the meantime, I am giving myself permission to post at the beginning of my work day. Here is what is going on:

  • Gary decided that he hated graphic design, because he got a C on one project. He decided then that he wasn't going to do any more work, get to the point where he was definitely getting an F, so the school would have to let him out to use the time as a study period. We talked about it and he confirmed with the school that since he got a B during the first quarter he was not going to fail and he had to stay in the class.
  • His social worker and PO are trying to get him off probation and have his juvenile record sealed/expunged when he turns 18. He is considering medical careers and no one will hire him if he is still on probation. I hope they succeed. Of course, the grade he is likely to get in Graphic Design will be a probation violation, so who knows. I am trying to stay out of that discussion because if he is lying to them about his grades I don't really want to know about it.
  • He told me, like it would be news, that he realized he has a problem with over-optimism. I was proud for not doing a spit take as I swallowed my tea and said, "really?"
  • He has found a martial arts instructor who currently doesn't have a space to teach. Gary has talked to him and volunteered to help him find a space, set up programs in school, recruit students, and teach classes. He envisions this turning into a partial ownership of the business.
  • He found a Judo class that is actually in our town. I am so very pleased about that. It is run by a volunteer organization, the instructor really impressed me, and the classes are only $30/month. I think it is safer than MMA, and being a student is so much more appropriate than trying to help run a business. I want to get him signed up and going on it before things progress too far with the instructor above. Gary wants to get going on it because with all his background he already knows most of what they teach and he needs to get training for the junior Olympics where he will defeat everyone and receive many medals.
  • The social worker can't sign the permission form for the Judo class because it includes a waiver of liability for death. He (social worker) has sent it to his supervisor who will discuss it with the program manager. The social worker tells me he supports it but doesn't know what will happen. I am considering preparing an appeal to the governor. (Actually, I don't know who I appeal to).

  • Brian is doing well. It looks like he had the flu, though it was relatively mild. I hid myself in the bedroom and avoided catching it. I'm beginning to think it has peaked at our campus. I hope so. Something like 20 percent of our students have been identified as having flu. By the time we know how many of them had H1N1 it will be long over.
  • I started a new treatment for anxiety. It seems to be working. I realized a certain appointment is coming up. A month ago thinking about it being so close would make my heart race, my head feel light, and my hands and feet tingly. This time I just felt really nauseous. That's improvement and I have only been on the new meds for 3 weeks. So, yay me.
And for those who are interested in the female troubles:
After seven weeks I am spotting again, very lightly. The physician said that it would take 3 months before we knew if the procedure worked, so I have no idea if this means anything. Maybe it will stop again. Maybe wearing a panty liner every day is just my fate for the next five years. I don't know. The only other medical intervention they can offer me is removal of the offending organ and at the moment I would have to sigh deeply and say that the benefit of NOT having to wear a panty liner every day for five years probably doesn't outweigh the expense, pain, and risks of the surgery. Still, it irritates.

And now back to work...


  1. Even though it's only been a couple of weeks since you posted, it seems like a lot longer. Glad you are going okay, though I am sorry that you are still having female troubles.

  2. It really has felt like a long time without a post. Thanks for letting yourself on at the start of the day and thanks for the update.

  3. Thanks for updating! I check every day and have been half-worried and half-impressed with your self-discipline.

  4. I missed you. :) And I have to ask- how on earth do you listen to Gary all day without just cracking up? It would seriously drive me bonkers to hear him I think.

    Sorry to hear about the panty liners situation. My mother had to use the overnight pads (the ones the size of a 2x4 lol) for about 6 years, daily. One continual flow. She should have had the surgery but since our family is part chicken, it didn't happen.

    Good luck. Guess we'll hear from you when school's out for the holidays? :)

  5. Thanks for the updates, hope that things continue to improve. I had the flu and was out for 2 weeks which I didn't need; and I still have a headache when I read. So I am glad you have avoided it.

    Wow, a death-liability-waiver! I could have used one of those during the flu. Or perhaps made every telemarketer who called while I was sleeping sign one.

  6. Good to hear from you. Sorry about Aunt Flo - the gift that keeps on giving.

    Curious as to which medicine is working for your anxiety. I have been struggling with it myself, I have a new boss and she is a 'A' Type personality.


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