Monday, September 07, 2009

Still here...just busy

Let's see...

1. Classes are about to start and I am still under-prepared. Enrollment is, to our delighted surprise, up. The downside of this is that all the classes are going to be over-flowing, but it is better than the opposite. I keep telling myself as I think about all the grading I am looking at doing this term. It really is gulp-worthy. I am going to have to be much more self-disciplined about my internet distractions.

2. Gary and Brian continue to get along really well. I am so very pleased. Here's hoping.

3. I don't know anything about termination procedings with respect to Gary's father/mother. Nothing. Nada. I'm curious, but since our plans don't actually hinge on what happens, I don't find I spend much time thinking about it.

4. Something in Gary has relaxed since we have all decided that adopting him is something we will eventually do. I see it when we talk about his college. Before he talked about whether he could go to the community college. They don't have dorms and he wasn't sure the agency would pay for an apartment like they do the dorms, so maybe he should go to the state university, but he thought the community college would be better. Now he says, "You know, maybe it would be a good idea if I just stayed home for the first year of community college. I know the agency might help pay for an apartment, but I don't want to take advantage of them." There's a whole post there, of course.

5. Some people have asked about Nephew. I haven't really heard much. I know he is doing okay, but that is about all.

6. For those keep track of my bodily woes, I have a procedure scheduled in two weeks. It is the one with the fast recovery. I can go to work the next day if I feel like it. I was given a choice between doing in on a Friday in the office with NO ANESTHESIA, but with "really good analgesics" or doing it on a Monday, paying more money to hospital, and maybe missing two days work. I cope really really well with things like post-op pain, but lying quietly while someone causes pain is a completely different experience. I picked a Monday. I talked to the dean of the faculty at our retreat on Friday. I told him I was going to miss a day or two for a medical thing. "If you want to know the details, I WILL TELL YOU." He laughed. He did not ask for details.

7. Let's see...Gary quit the gym he was previously attending over disagreements with the teacher. He claims that the problem is that the teacher won't let him compete unless he works out every day and he can't get there every day. I wonder if part of the problem is that he doesn't really want to compete. He loves feeling strong and competent. He enjoys sparring with classmates. He really doesn't like getting beat up. This makes total sense to me. Of course he does not think that is why he is leaving. It is okay with me. Brian quit completely. I think it was pretty much the same thing for him too. If I could find a kick-boxing class that was more about working out and less about actual fighting, he might want to continue. I don't know.

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  1. I do hope that you aren't TOO disciplined about your internet distractions!


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